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Environmental perspective  

Environmental perspective

Environmental aspects of production projects are the most important features that must be considered along accomplishment of the goals of 50th article of Constitution of Iran.

Oil and gas comprise many chemical reactions in their processing and analyzing cycles. Some of these reactions affect environment and disturb ecosystem order. Processing air pollution is also a part of environmental pollution. This pollution cannot be avoided completely, because the pollutants are the integral parts of oil and gas processing cycle. However, they can be minimized by caring about environmental issues. This is the same thing that our oil companies must follow. Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. has fulfilled many strategies for this purpose by manufacturing sulfur degassing and solidification systems.

Role of sulfur cubes in pollution decrement

Sulfur oxides are mostly emitted through fixed sources in industrial spaces, and they are among the largest pollution sources in large cities and operational regions. SO2 is a colorless gas that reacts with the surfaces of many solid materials and air particles. It is soluble in water and rain drops, which produces SO3 and sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid wears and rusts metals, drops sight power, cause chronic lung diseases, prevents plants growth, and produces acid rains. SPIDCO’s solution to prevent such pollutions is innovating new systems to decrease gaseous pollutions due to emission of H2S, SO2, and solid sulfur dust. These strategies conclude a product with special properties, including engineering size and higher density, which prevents sulfur dust emission in refineries and during sulfur transportation. Sulfur spill along the road margins shows such pollution. This amount is so high that no one notes its pollution. Another sulfur dust problem is its inflammability on road margins or in sulfur storages in summer and high temperature conditions, which produces environmental harmful effects.

Today all organizations must note environmental considerations in designing their production lines and product life cycles through designing products with minimum energy usage or recoverable products and parts, designing demontagable products, integrating production systems, and applying environmental management principles, regarding needs of customers and society, economic competition considerations, and steady development

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