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Main statements  

Main statements of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co.


·         To decrease 35% of environmental pollutions due to hydrogen sulfide degassing and sulfur production and storage

·         To expand sulfur application in national industries horizontally and vertically

·         To increase sulfur exports market share

·         To increase selling sulfur solidification systems

·         To provide required hardware and software for modern sulfur production


·         To increase knowledge and expert of human resources in sulfur derivatives designing and manufacturing

·         To standardize sulfur production and degassing engineering systems

·         To penetrate in the Middle East markets for selling sulfur cube manufacturing and degassing systems

·         To sell sulfur derivatives in Chinese, Indian, and European markets

·         To acquire 95% of technical reliability in manufacturing sulfur cube systems

·         To increase sulfur ingot production productivity up to 95%

·         To increase sulfur production and degassing process value added

Organizational values


Higher confidence and safety

Compatibility with modern technical Iranian and global oil standards


Work commitment and discipline

Higher productivity

Quality management

Process-driving and complying with group goals



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Main statements
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