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History of sulfur cubes in SPIDCO  

Sulfur-cube is a sulfur degassing and compressing process, which is among the activities of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. By sulfur-cube we mean deformation of sulfur as cubes by compression. “Kub” in Persian means “compression” and is similar to “cube” by pronunciation.

The sulfur cube project of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. was established due to the existing problems in sulfur transportation and supply in oil and gas refineries. Since sulfur is an oil and gas byproduct, sulfur issue is a main challenge in countries with oil and gas resources. Natural gas consists acid gases, especially hydrogen sulfide, which is melted in sulfur recovery units.

In most refineries of country, sulfur is stored as bulk in peripheral storages, which produces environmental problems. The sulfur is scattered by wind because these storages are open, which produces aspiration problems, corrosion, and soil, water, and environment pollution. Economically, sulfur is a product with high price variation, while it has a low desirability in management and trade areas. Since there are a large volume of stored sulfur in Iran, the sulfur-cube project helps sulfur price stability and removes its related problems and concerns of sulfur producers.

Sulfur products are not limited to the above items. Sulfur is a national wealth and we can increase its value by management and devise.


Sulfur is in the form of ingots and cubes, which are produced by Sulfurcube Pars system after degassing and gas-washing processes by casting technique according to the engineering standards and the orders of customers. The cube size is determined by the order of customers and market requirements. This product is dehydrated and produces more acid than granules and lumps. Meanwhile, its lower impurity facilitates acid formation process.

Package: Packaging, loading, and discharging cubes in 1-2 ton jumbos for exports, and in bulk for internal sale.

Transportation: Cubes can be transported by trucks, cars, containers, and ships

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